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Joseph Egyir- Paintsil Auditoriun

Joseph Egyir-Paintsil is the biggest Auditorium at PCC. It is furnished with beautiful and ultramodern equipment to meet international standards. Across the length and breath are giants screens and platform LCD to assist in projections and presentations.

Do You Need Our Support?

We would be more than happy to help you in any way to make your unique experience full of memories worth repeating. All Requests should be channeled through the Front Office Clerks. We work 24/7 at your service.

For inquiries, please contact our dedicated team members: +233 548 167 395 / +233 265 444 592/ Email:pccglobal2@gmail.com

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# Item Yes/No
1 Giant Screens Yes
2 AC & Fan Yes
3 LCD Screens Yes
4 Writing Desk Yes
5 Internet & Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi Access:
6 Translation Gadgets Yes
7 P.A Systems Yes

Fred Diabene Walker Auditorium comes with a beautiful architectural design and
beautiful interior décor to suit international standards. It is furnished with state of the art modern facilities to add colour and beauty to your event.

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Fred Diabene Walker 3000 Seater
Josiah Coffie Quaye  500 Seater
Samuel William Duffour  200 Seater